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Sovint posem massa força en el lloc equivocat per equilibrar les coses, quan potser n’hauríem de posar molta menys en el lloc idoni.           

Una metàfora de la lluita interna de l’home per entendre certes contradiccions de l’ésser humà.


A menudo ponemos demasiada fuerza en el lugar equivocado para equilibrar las cosas, cuando quizás tendríamos que poner mucha menos en el sitio idóneo.

Una metáfora de la lucha interna del hombre para entender ciertas contradicciones del ser humano.


Often we place too much force on the wrong place to balance things out, when perhaps we should place less force on the right place.

A metaphor of our internal struggle to understand certain contractions of the human being.






















Transforma-T és un espectacle de gran format, de carrer, que inclou dansa, acrobàcia i projecció d’imatges

És una reflexió que ens parla de la transformació, de la lluita del món actual, de la necessitat de reconduir, de reinventar i deTransformar la nostra societat.


Transforma-T es un espectáculo de gran formato de calle, que incluye danza, acrobacia y proyección de imágenes. Es una reflexión sobre la transformación y la lucha en el mundo actual, sobre la necesidad de reconducir, de reinventar y Transformar nuestra sociedad.


Transforma-T is a large format show, a street show, that includes dance, acrobatics and the projection of images.

It's a piece that deals with transformation, with the struggle of todays world, with the necessity to redirect, reinvent and Transform our society.




















“Perquè un objecte sigui extraordinariament bell, cal que la seva forma no tingui res de superflu”

“Les formes continues són les perfectes”

“La corba tancada és el sentit de la limitació, de la mateixa manera que la recta és l’expressió de l’infinit”

“L’evidència és als ulls de l’esperit el que la visió és als ulls del cos”

                                                       Antoni Gaudí

Projecte educatiu i espectacle singular a l’edifici de La Pedrera com a acte conmemoratiu de la celebració del centenari de l’edifici el 1 de desembre del  2012.


Dues fases:

Fase interior: Passejada pel món de les emocions que provoca l’arquitectura de Gaudí.

Fase exterior: Espectacle de dansa sobre la façana de La Pedrera.



“Porque un objeto sea extraordinariamente bello, hace falta que su forma no tenga nada de superfluo”
“Las formas continúas son las perfectas”
“La curva cerrada es el sentido de la limitación, del mismo modo que la recta es la expresión del infinito”
“La evidencia es a los ojos del espíritu el que la visión es a los ojos del cuerpo”
Antoni Gaudí
Proyecto educativo y espectáculo singular al edificio de La Pedrera como acto conmemorativo de la celebración del centenario del edificio el 1 de diciembre del 2012. 

Dos fases:
Fase interior: Paseada por el mundo de las emociones que provoca la arquitectura de Gaudí.
Fase exterior: Espectáculo de danza sobre la fachada de La Pedrera.





The buildings are conceived and designed to work, to exhibit, to meet, to inhabit, but especially to “live them”. And life is built of emotions, game, sensations, risk, experiences ....

The Pedrera Project aims to bring alive all these perceptions for visitors-viewers.

No building has the specific function of being just visited. A building could even be “lived” .

With the Pedrera Project, we want to create the opportunity to experience the buildings, to join them, to participate in the re-discovery of their true soul.

What better art form than dance to achieve this challenge?



The Pedrera Project is divided into two well-defined parts , one outside and one inside the building.

In fact, it can be considered two clearly different projects that can be programmed and executed jointly or individually



Inside " Pedrera IN "


"Walk through the emotions that the different areas of a building provoke."


To do that we need dancers around all areas of the building that we designate, dancing or improvising choreographic ideas especially designed for those spaces .


The structure and length of this walk will change greatly depending on what you want to display and highlight of the building (its philosophy, the architect who made ​​it , its design , its utility, its history ...); what is the number of dancers that can join the project and what is the magnitude of the intended audience.

The visit or walk can be done in three different ways . One visit is a mobile exhibition, where viewers can move freely through the building (or part of it) and see the different choreographies, even though when they arrive at the space in question, the choreography may already have begun. Another visit would be that there are at certain times specific proposals or choreographic performances in certain areas of the building, and that interested viewers can choose what to see.

A third option, is the visit we conducted at La Pedrera. Every five minutes a group of 50 people enters, guided by three group quides, where they discover different choreographies. In some places they stopped (and even sat ) for a few minutes, and saw a choreography from beginning to end. In other areas they simply walk (eg stairways and hallways, and other areas ) while dancers perform and spectators look at what they want to see.

In order to make this viable, we nedded a large number of dancers, in our case up to 200 .

We asked some choreographers to teach dance workshops on different aspects of the work of Gaudí, free for students and  involving many dance schools of the city. After, students interpret either improvisations or choreographies, in assigned areas of the building in question. Here the project showed its educational and social value.

The end result was that the La Pedrera was in "movement " for four hours and 1,500 people enjoyed this experience .



Outside part PEDRERA OUT


The exterior part of the project is a dance and a video presentation on the façade of the building. This is not a " mapping " because in addition to the dancers performing the choreography, the live pictures that are projected, are not generated by a computer, but are images of moving bodies of the dancers themselves .

Depending on how the front of the building is, the dancers will be able to perform their choreographies in different areas. In our case we were able to incorporate the windows and balconies of La Pedrera.










Fundació La Pedrera Catalunya Caixa














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